Case History

HORIZON chooses Interactive SPares to sell spare parts online

The British company HORIZON has chosen the Interactive SPares cloud platform to sell spare parts online. HORIZON AGRICOLTURE ltd is a global manufacturer of disc seeders, […]


New Zealand company DAIFUKU OCEANIA chooses Interactive SPares cloud software to publish and share parts catalogs electronically. DAIFUKU OCEANIA specializes in end-to-end solutions, operations and maintenance […]

VIELCO implements the iSP software for its spare parts portal

The Chilean company VIELCO opted for the Interactive SPares software for its spare parts portal. VIELCO is a leading company in the electricity generator industry. Its services include […]

CORMIDI chooses Interactive SPares

CORMIDI, a company with offices in Italy and the United States, has chosen Interactive Spares cloud software to create its spare parts sales and technical assistance […]

JOMAR builds its spare parts portal with iSP

U.S. company JOMAR chose Interactive SPares software platform to build its spare parts and service portal. JOMAR designs and manufactures machinery and turn-key systems for shredding […]

STAR DIESEL spare parts catalogues on Interactive SPares

All the STAR DIESEL spare parts catalogues will be soon published on the Interactive SPares cloud platform. D.T.M. Ricambi s.r.l., owner of the STAR brand, is active in the international […]

MK DIAMOND machines and tools on Interactive Spares

US company MK Diamond has chosen Interactive SPares to sell its machine parts on the Internet. MK Diamond has established itself as a world leader in […]

GORIZIANE chooses Interactive SPares

Goriziane chose Interactive Spares as the software to share spare parts catalogues within their workflow for ordering spare parts for military vehicles undergoing overhaul.Goriziane is a […]

RAFAKO E-bus chooses iSP to create its own parts portal

The Polish company RAFAKO E-bus has chosen Interactive SPares to realize the after-sales portal with interactive spare parts catalogues. RAFAKO E-bus produces fully electric buses, equipped […]

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