CAFA – The spare parts portal for construction machinery

CAFA, a leading company based in Mexico, has distinguished itself in the construction machinery sector, focusing on large-scale projects. Its latest initiative involves the creation of […]

ZECA’s chosen iSP software to manage industrial device spare parts

Italian company ZECA has decided to launch its spare parts portal using the Interactive SPares interactive software platform. With a successful history of more than 90 […]

KARACA appliance spare parts portal

The decision of the Turkish company KARACA to create a spare parts portal for its home appliances using the Interactive SPares software platform reflects the company’s […]

Parts portal for construction equipment

AL-SULTAN & KHALAF, a leading company based in Kuwait, recently made the strategic decision to create a portal dedicated to spare parts for construction machinery. To realise this […]

Atlas-Copco chooses Interactive SPares for its interactive parts catalogues

US multinational Atlas-Copco, specifically its Mafi-Trench division, has chosen the Interactive SPares cloud platform to create, manage and share its parts catalogues online. Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench […]

GREEN-G and the spare parts portal for electric vehicles

GREEN-G opted for the Interactive SPares cloud platform in order to create a specialised portal for the sale of spare parts for its electric vehicles. GREEN-G […]

BAUSANO chooses Interactive SPares

BAUSANO chooses the Interactive SPares cloud platform to obtain a portal dedicated to the sale of spare parts for its machines. BAUSANO is a company that […]

WOTTAN MOTOR – The spare parts portal with Interactive SPares

The Spanish company WOTTAN MOTOR has chosen the Interactive SPares cloud platform to implement its spare parts portal. Wottan Motor is a company that manufactures a […]

LINDDANA chooses Interactive SPares to sell spare parts on-line

The Danish company LINDDANA chooses Interactive SPares cloud software to publish and share its parts catalogs electronically. Linddana has successfully designed, manufactured and sold its well-known […]