BLUE BIRD chooses iSP to improve its spare parts sales service

Interactive parts catalog Blue bird -
BLUE BIRD has chosen Interactive SPares to publish and share its spare parts catalogues on-line with its service network.

BLUE BIRD offers a wide range of products, including internal combustion engines, brush cutters, motor-driven and electric trimmers, hedge trimmers, motor pumps, earth augers, olive shakers, electric saws, high-pressure washers, shredders, compost mowers, lawn tractors, vacuum garden blowers and transporters, as well as a range of safe and useful accessories for these machines.

The portal created with iSP allows BLUE BIRD to receive and manage spare parts orders from distributors from around the world. BLUE BIRD's ERP software (IBM AS/400) imports orders received from iSP and then converts them into order confirmations, shipping documents and invoices.

iSP improves the spare parts purchasing experience and eliminates errors, at the same time reducing order fulfilment times.