KARACA appliance spare parts portal

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The decision of the Turkish company KARACA to create a spare parts portal for its home appliances using the Interactive SPares software platform reflects the company's commitment to offering a complete and high-quality service to its customers. KARACA is known for producing home appliances with a highly sought-after design, distinguished by refined aesthetics and technological innovation.

The choice to create a portal dedicated to appliance spare parts allows KARACA to simplify and optimize the process of searching for and purchasing spare parts for its products. Thanks to the Interactive SPares software platform, customers can easily access the complete list of spare parts available for each KARACA appliance and place orders quickly and conveniently, directly online. This translates into significant time and effort savings for customers, who can avoid having to search for spare parts at local distributors or contact the company's customer service.

Furthermore, KARACA's spare parts portal guarantees greater transparency and completeness of information regarding available spare parts. Thanks to the detailed description of each spare part, customers can have a clear understanding of the features and technical specifications of each component, thus facilitating the selection of the correct spare part. Moreover, real-time availability information for spare parts helps avoid orders for unavailable products, further enhancing the purchasing experience.

KARACA is aware of the importance of offering efficient and high-quality after-sales service to its customers. The creation of the spare parts portal with Interactive SPares represents a significant step towards this goal, enabling the company to provide a complete and personalized service that meets the specific needs of each customer. Thanks to this innovative technological solution, KARACA strengthens its position as a leading company in the home appliances industry, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly, and cutting-edge purchasing experience.

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