VI.BE.MAC – The new spare parts portal is on-line

new interactive parts catalogue is on -line -
VI.BE.MAC is a leading company manufacturing industrial sewing machines for the fashion industry. The company exports its products all over the world and offers an excellent after sales service. VI.BE.MAC has always believed in providing the best customer service through a portal to buy spare parts and manage technical assistance requests, and had since long an own software to create electronic spare parts catalogues. The rapid growth of the company led VI.BE.MAC. to search the market for more versatile and tailor-made tools and to finally choose Interactive SPares for its versatility and its capability to import all the catalogues created by another software, thus avoiding the need to create new interactive catalogues and saving time and money.
Several customization and integration interventions with the company’s managing software were implemented; from a serial number managing module which offers the customers a catalogue with all the machines they bought to an assistance module which guides the users step by step when they request technical assistance and replacement of parts under warranty. This module also offers the possibility to add photos and notes for each single part forming a machine enabling the manufacturer’s personnel to deal with any request promptly and effectively.

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