ZECA’s chosen iSP software to manage industrial device spare parts

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Italian company ZECA has decided to launch its spare parts portal using the Interactive SPares interactive software platform. With a successful history of more than 90 years, ZECA stands out for the design, production and proven quality of its industrial hose and cable reels, professional lamps, balancers, industrial extension cords and garage tools.

The decision to use Interactive SPares for the parts portal was driven by the need to ensure a high level of customer service. With this advanced technology, ZECA is able to offer a wide range of spare parts for its devices, allowing service centers to easily find and order the spare parts they need.

The parts portal is designed in an intuitive and user-friendly manner, allowing customers to easily navigate through the various product categories and quickly find the specific parts they are looking for. Each element of the portal is carefully organized to ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience.

Interactive SPares is an innovative platform that allows ZECA to keep track of available parts, simplifying the order management process and minimizing wait times for customers. In addition, the platform offers an advanced search function, allowing customers to find spare parts by device model or part number.

With the ZECA spare parts portal, customers can now enjoy efficient and quick service. Whether replacing a part or purchasing a new device, customers can easily find the part they need and receive it directly.

With the introduction of the parts portal, ZECA once again demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction and the quality of its products. By using Interactive SPares, the company ensures an optimal shopping experience and increased customer loyalty.

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