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Gruppo Pramac s.p.a. is a top international manufacturer of generators and industrial transportation systems. Before adopting Interactive SPares software, the company didn’t have any automatic system for managing after-sales care and the sale of spare parts. It was therefore, essential to solve a series of problems relating to the group’s after-sales sector.
The need to automate processes for managing spare parts focused on:

implementing an automatic customer service system, with the management and standardization of online orders, thanks to which registered users could access all the information available on each machine (wiring diagrams, user manuals, video training) and print high-definition and up-to-date catalogues if required;

eliminating the large volume of telephone calls and faxes that inundated the after-sales department on a daily basis.
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Under the guidance of the company’s international after-sales care manager, Marco Parronchi, the Interactive SPares staff set out goals, phases and feature requisites.
Printed documents were converted using vectorization processes on the technical drawings, sparing the company time-consuming data-entry processes and providing a complete "turnkey" solution.
By adopting Interactive SPares software, the Pramac group was able to streamline processes in various company departments (planning, sales, after-sales care, technical assistance, CED, ERP) and created an e-commerce website to manage the purchase of spare parts and the publication of technical information on each machine.
The after-sales care manager, Marco Parronchi said, “I can honestly say that on all my visits to our branches and customers, even those in China, I found our expectations had all been met; in other words, that the project was extremely innovative, with enormous development potential in the field of the publication of technical information in the broadest sense of the word. We noticed a significant reduction in management costs, along with a positive impact on corporate image”.

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