Interactive SPares – The case of Gima s.p.a.

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Gima s.p.a is a multinational company active in the packaging and automation sectors with offices in the US, Britain, Germany and Spain. Gima’s clients include leading multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, Sony, Warner Bross and Blockbuster.

The packaging and automation sector in which Gima s.p.a. operates demands constant and rapid updating of product documentation and spare parts catalogues. All the machines that come off the production line differ from each other and clients need spare parts catalogues that faithfully represent all the components of the machines they purchase.

Reducing machine “down-time”, caused by having to replace spare parts, became the main objective for Gima and its clients. For this reason, Gima decided to trust in the after-sales IT solutions offered by Interactive SPares.

The implementation of Interactive SPares software meant Gima could configure spare parts catalogues for every single serial number and publish them in the web environment. Every Gima client that accesses the website is associated with the serial numbers of the machines they have purchased, each of which has an interactive spare parts catalogue and product specification documents (operation and maintenance manuals, wiring and pneumatic diagrams, videos and animations for format changes, etc.).

The flexibility of the iSP system made it possible to synchronise the structure of the spare parts catalogues with that of the PDM and basic itemised list cialis online. Thus any operator constructing a spare parts catalogue can create one that offers the same modularity as the basic itemised list.

A process of importing drawings from the CAD Pro-Engineer  system was implemented, thanks to which the document office could create and publish exploded drawings completely independently, thus saving the planning department resources and time.

The new Autotag™ feature allowed to recover existing spare parts archives and make them interactive extremely quickly. Furthermore, by exploiting the new association characteristics of the spare parts tables to several machine groups and models, the time needed to create spare parts catalogues was slashed.

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