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VENIX – The after-sales portal with Interactive SPares

VENIX chooses to implement its after-sales portal with the Interactive SPares cloud platform. VENIX is a dynamic Italian company that manufactures and exports its catering equipment […]

HORIZON chooses Interactive SPares to sell spare parts online

The British company HORIZON has chosen the Interactive SPares cloud platform to sell spare parts online. HORIZON AGRICOLTURE ltd is a global manufacturer of disc seeders, […]


New Zealand company DAIFUKU OCEANIA chooses Interactive SPares cloud software to publish and share parts catalogs electronically. DAIFUKU OCEANIA specializes in end-to-end solutions, operations and maintenance […]

VIELCO implements the iSP software for its spare parts portal

The Chilean company VIELCO opted for the Interactive SPares software for its spare parts portal. VIELCO is a leading company in the electricity generator industry. Its services include […]

CORMIDI chooses Interactive SPares

CORMIDI, a company with offices in Italy and the United States, has chosen Interactive Spares cloud software to create its spare parts sales and technical assistance […]

Announcing the iSP API v1.0

We are glad to inform you that iSP APIs v1.0 are now available! It is a set of REST APIs that allow third party developers to […]

JOMAR builds its spare parts portal with iSP

U.S. company JOMAR chose Interactive SPares software platform to build its spare parts and service portal. JOMAR designs and manufactures machinery and turn-key systems for shredding […]

STAR DIESEL spare parts catalogues on Interactive SPares

All the STAR DIESEL spare parts catalogues will be soon published on the Interactive SPares cloud platform. D.T.M. Ricambi s.r.l., owner of the STAR brand, is active in the international […]

MK DIAMOND machines and tools on Interactive Spares

US company MK Diamond has chosen Interactive SPares to sell its machine parts on the Internet. MK Diamond has established itself as a world leader in […]

GORIZIANE chooses Interactive SPares

Goriziane chose Interactive Spares as the software to share spare parts catalogues within their workflow for ordering spare parts for military vehicles undergoing overhaul.Goriziane is a […]

Ticket system

Ticket System extension lets you track support requests of your customers, organize them according to priority and provide a highly professional support. Your customers will have […]

RAFAKO E-bus chooses iSP to create its own parts portal

The Polish company RAFAKO E-bus has chosen Interactive SPares to realize the after-sales portal with interactive spare parts catalogues. RAFAKO E-bus produces fully electric buses, equipped […]


Farid European Group has chosen the iSP software platform to create the technical portal dedicated to the sale of spare parts and the management of warranty […]

Widget add-on

Thanks to this module you can integrate third-party widgets to enrich the functionality of your spare parts portal. All you have to do is send us […]


LORENZETTO LORIS has chosen the Interactive SPares cloud platform to create and share the electronic spare parts catalogues of its machines. LORENZETTO LORIS is specialized in […]

SUMCO MOTO – The spare parts portal with iSP

The Spanish company SUMCO MOTO has chosen the Interactive SPares cloud platform to offer its service centres a complete portal to sell spare parts and manage […]

NINZ chooses Interactive SPares for its own after sales portal

NINZ has chosen Interactive SPares to publish and share its spare parts catalogues online with its service network. Ninz S.p.A. is Italy’s leading producer of fire […]

Team Tractor adopted iSP to create an online parts ordering system

Team Tractor adopted Interactive SPares to create an online parts ordering system based on interactive drawings. Team Tractor is a premier supplier of Tractors in Arizona […]

SHERP has chosen iSP for its own spare parts and service portal

The Canadian company SHERP North America has chosen the Interactive SPares platform to create the spare parts and service portal. Russian-made Sherp off-road vehicles are amphibious […]

SHANTUI AMERICA – Spares and assistance portal realized with iSP

Shantui America Corp., based in Miami, Florida, chose Interactive SPares as software platform to develop its spare parts and after sales service portal. Founded in 1980 […]

HARVEST INTERNATIONAL Inc. has chosen Interactive SPares

The US company HARVEST INTERNATIONAL, based in the state of IOWA, has chosen Interactive SPares to sell its own spare parts online. Harvest International, Inc. is […]

Client profiles

This add-on allows you to create personalised client profiles. For instance, you may want only certain distributors to be able to see prices or you would […]


Thanks to this fantastic add-on, you can now create custom marketing campaigns tailor-made to your client profiles. For example, you can send mass communications to all […]

Warranties and Claims

With this add-on you can manage the whole process of activating warranties and dealing with claims under warranty. Through the portal, users can activate warranties for […]

FOCUS realises its spare parts portal with iSP

FOCUS Integration, a company based in Michigan, USA, specializing in robotic palletizing solutions, has chosen Interactive SPares to create its own spare parts and assistance portal. The […]

DURSO has chosen Interactive SPares for the online parts sales

DURSO has chosen Interactive SPares for maximizing the online parts sales. The Durso Company is an important reality in the world of agricultural and working machines production, […]

Full SVG compatibility with SolidWorks Composer

We are proud to announce that now SVG drawings created using Solidworks  Composer are now perfectly compatible with iSP. No conversion, direct loading and interactivity is […]

BLUE BIRD chooses iSP to improve its spare parts sales service

BLUE BIRD has chosen Interactive SPares to publish and share its spare parts catalogues online with its service network. BLUE BIRD offers a wide range of […]

ZANON develops its online spare parts portal with Interactive SPares

ZANON has chosen Interactive SPares for the online selling of its spare parts and equipment. ZANON manufactures a complete line of agricultural machinery, and pneumatic, electrical […]

SKIOLD chooses Interactive SPares to create the after-sales portal

 We are proud to announce that the Danish company SKIOLD chooses Interactive SPares to create its after-sales portal.  SKIOLD was founded in 1877 in Denmark. With […]

YANMAR Italia chooses iSP to publish its interactive spare parts catalogues

Yanmar Italia has chosen Interactive SPares to publish its interactive spare parts catalogues on its after-sales portal.  Yanmar Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company founded in […]

Weedingtech builds the online spare parts portal with Interactive SPares

 We are delighted and proud to announce that the British company WEEDINGTECH chose our cloud platform to create its after-sales portal. Weedingtech is a world leader […]

MDB chooses Interactive SPares to create the after-sales portal

MDB has chosen the Interactive SPares software platform to create its own online portal dedicated to the sale of spare parts and requests for technical assistance […]

TIERRE has chosen Interactive SPares for its parts portal

TIERRE has chosen Interactive SPares for managing its interactive parts catalog TIERRE is able to offer his own knowledges gained on the mechanical manufacturing field on […]

ROYAL ENFIELD parts catalogue on Interactive SPares

Revelry Motorcycles T/A Royal Enfield Sydney carry the full range of new Royal Enfield motorcycle models, offer rentals, test rides, parts, accessories and full service facilities for […]

iSP ChangeLog is on Twitter

We are using Twitter to communicate to our customers all updates that make our platform grow day after day. Our development team is constantly working to improve […]

Bulk uploading of spare parts catalogues

This extraordinary add-on lets you import entire sets of assemblies and drawings directly to your Interactive Spares catalogue. You just have to upload all assemblies and […]

Shipping of spare parts

Managing the shipping costs of spare parts has never been so easy. Set the shipping costs per geographical area and define the free shipping minimum order. […]

PayPal – Pay spare parts by credit card

With PayPal add-on, you can get the spare parts orders paid directly to your PayPal Business Account. Your customers can choose to pay using their PayPal […]

Ferrari Spare Parts on Interactive SPares

The official Ferrari and Maserati Motor Service spare parts distributor has created the portal for the sale of spare parts based on Interactive SPares cloud platform. […]

AMP Rose – The spare parts portal for packaging machines

The English company AMP Rose creates its own spare parts portal thanks to the Interactive SPares platform. AMP Rose designs and manufactures a wide range of […]

TIMAN spare parts on-line with Interactive SPares

Timan A/S is an expansive and international Danish operating company manufacturing machines for groundscare, winter maintenance and street cleansing throughout Europe. TIMAN has chosen Interactive SPares to manage and […]

INDOP has chosen Interactive SPares

The Indop d.o.o. Company was established in 2007 by the Gorenje d.d. Group based in Slovenia, with an aim to produce equipment for the defence industry. […]

D’MOTO -TEXAS choose Interactive SPares

D’Moto Powersports is the premier Ducati and Triumph dealer based in San Antonio, Texas. D’MOTO has chosen Interactive SPares to manage and publish its spare part […]

FANTIC | The new after sales portal with iSP

We are proud to announce that FANTIC has chosen Interactive SPares to build its own service and spare parts portal. Through the portal, distributors and resellers […]

New customer in the U.S.A.

StoneAge Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of waterblast tools and automated solutions for pressures ranging from 2,000 psi to 40,000 psi. StoneAge has over 150 […]

Spare parts kit management

A new function that makes it a piece of cake to create spare parts kits, and even more important, makes buying them very easy and user-friendly. […]

iSP – MultiBrand

Spare parts software – Multibrand – With our MultiBrand extension, you can create one centralised portal for the sale of spare parts, while at the […]

ESG has chosen Interactive SPares

ESG brings together several industry-leading product brands – Heil, Marathon, Bayne, and The Curotto-Can – respected throughout the solid waste industry for their quality, durability, reliability, […]

Serial number management

A new and powerful extension designed to manage the serial numbers of your machines and link them to the electronic spare parts catalogues. Your machines are […]

A new print engine for your spare parts catalogues

A new, innovative print engine makes its debut with the last release of Interactive SPares. Now you can paginate and print your spare parts catalogues automatically. […]

Download the Freeware version of iSP Distiller™

We decided to offer manufacturing companies a new and easy way to convert their spare parts catalogues from .PDF to the interactive SVG format. Today you […]

VI.BE.MAC – The new spare parts portal is on-line

Several customization and integration interventions with the company’s managing software were implemented…

Parts Finder – Advanced search for spare parts

Parts Finder is the new Interactive SPares algorithm for finding spare parts. The new search engine has been perfected over the years, based on consolidated experience […]


VI.BE.MAC s.p.a, the leading company in the industrial sewing machine area, was born in 1980 as a Singer support center but since the very beginning started […]

Integrating spare parts management with SAP

Can we share and use spare parts management with other software platforms in our company? This is the question asked by the spare parts managers of […]

Holiday closure

Our offices will be closed Friday, June 02 in observance of Italian Republic Day.

Fully compatible with spare parts drawings made using PTC Creo

If your company is using PTC Creo Parametric for mechanical design and to create spare parts tables, today you can rely on Interactive SPares to make […]

Cut the costs of software licenses

Are you tired of paying a software license to every spare parts catalogue editor? Are your administrators monitoring spare parts management and orders from a number […]

PDF Extension – Publish your spare parts catalogues in PDF format

Do you wish to publish your PDF spare parts catalogues and share them with your assistance network and clients without converting them into an interactive format? […]

iSP Notes – Attach documents, images and videos to spares

Simplify things for personnel who have to replace spare parts and help them find all the information they need in order to ensure correct maintenance. With […]

iSP MultiList – To each its own price

Thanks to this add-on you can expand the functions of Interactive SPares to best manage the sale of spare parts to your clients. You can create […]

iSP Distiller™ – converts and optimises your drawings

iSP Distiller™ is the ideal application for converting and optimising your technical drawings for interactive catalogues. With iSP Distiller™ you can automatically convert thousands of spare […]

New environment for creating spare parts catalogues

Discover the simplicity of the new environment for creating spare parts catalogues. You can create catalogues, groups and spare parts tables from a single point, without […]

New graphic editor – speed and flexibility

With this new release, Interactive SPares has introduced a powerful graphic editor to create interactive spare parts tables even more quickly. Upload your drawings with a […]

Integration with SalesForce

We created a module for Technogym for integration with the world-leading CRM software SalesForce. Thanks to this integration, users who authenticate themselves in SalesForce can select […]

Himoinsa chooses Interactive SPares for its spare parts portal

HIMOINSA is a leading Spanish multinational in the field of electric generators. The company produces generators that are sold under various brand names and this led […]

Palazzetti uses Interactive SPares

Today, Palazzetti Lelio S.p.A. is one of the leading companies in the field of domestic heating using wood biomass (wood and pellets) on a European and […]

Interactive SPares – The Pramac s.p.a. case

Gruppo Pramac s.p.a. is a top international manufacturer of generators and industrial transportation systems. Before adopting Interactive SPares software, the company didn’t have any automatic system […]

Marzocchi chooses Interactive SPares for its spare parts

Marzocchi s.p.a. designs and manufactures mechanical suspension for bicycles and motorbikes. The company works hand-in-hand with some of the biggest names in the world of motorcycles […]

Interactive SPares – The case of EvoBus Italia

EvoBus Italia S.p.A. is part of the Daimler group and handles the sale, marketing and after-sales support for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches in Italy. […]

Interactive SPares – The case of Caffini s.p.a.

Caffini’s gradual expansion on overseas markets forced the company to make improvements in processes linked to management of after-sales support services and in particular, the spare […]

Interactive SPares – The case of Technogym s.p.a

Technogym is a world leader in the production of fitness equipment for domestic use, fitness clubs, spas, rehab centres, corporate gyms, universities, professional sports facilities and […]

Interactive SPares – The case of ILAPAK

ILAPAK is a multinational that offers highly flexible, automatic packaging solutions in the food sector. ILAPAK chose Interactive SPares to create their e-commerce portal for spare […]

Interactive SPares – The case of Gima s.p.a.

Gima s.p.a is a multinational company active in the packaging and automation sectors with offices in the US, Britain, Germany and Spain. Gima’s clients include leading […]

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