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Founded on 1 January 1996, EvoBus Italia S.p.A. is part of the Daimler group and handles the sale, marketing and after-sales support for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches in Italy. EvoBus has also developed OMNIplus, a complete range of after-sales support services spanning from 24-hour assistance, to procurement of original spare parts, disposal of used parts, “tailor-made” financial services, training and consultancy. With a market share of over 30%, EvoBus Italia is the second largest company on the Italian bus and coach market and boasts a workforce of over 250 employees.

With the help of Emmebistudio, EvoBus Italia promotes an important project called OMNIplus Online Parts, for the online sale of spare parts for the entire EvoBus Group. The aim was to create a centralised web platform that could be used not only by the Italian branch, but by all the other European countries in which EvoBus has branches. Employees in the spare parts warehouse also highlighted the need to directly manage orders, as a way of speeding up the fulfilment process.

Various designs were proposed, in keeping with the corporate identity of EvoBus. A procedure for importing data from the SAP™ ERP was created to facilitate updating of the spare parts lists. The web architecture offers registered users the possibility to draw up orders for spare parts and promotional articles. Orders are consolidated on the central system and through a second application, rendered manageable to spare parts warehouse employees at branches and service centres. By means of an automatic tracking system, order fulfilment processes can be monitored by users directly from the web portal or by e-mail. The aim of the portal is to manage the entire online spare parts order process, as well as highlighting promotional campaigns and informing users through technical bulletins.

After just one day’s training, EvoBus personnel can manage content and update the spare parts catalogue completely independently, as well as promotional articles and merchandising. There is no impact on the in-house IT infrastructure at EvoBus Italia as the application is hosted on Emmebistudio web servers. Visitor numbers to the portal are increasing by 50% each month and thanks to this, so are profits. The possibility of placing orders online 24 hours a day and the ease of consulting the portal have spurred users to purchase spare parts they wouldn’t normally have purchased through traditional sales channels.

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