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Technogym is a world leader in the production of fitness equipment for domestic use, fitness clubs, spas, rehab centres, corporate gyms, universities, professional sports facilities and much more.

Technogym has a strong vocation towards innovation. The equipment it produces is the result of constant technological research and a keen focus on quality. The main exigencies for Technogym are linked to the need to share technical information, in particular administration and sharing of spare parts catalogueswith its global support network. This led the Technogym After Sales department to search the market for a software solution that could meet the following needs - complete integration with the ERP and internal management systems, the possibility to personalise applications based on specific needs and the possibility to independently manage the database.

After careful analysis of the technical features offered by other spare parts administration platforms, Technogym focused its attention on Interactive Spares. The open database of the software solution offers maximum integration with corporate IT systems. This philosophy is one of the strengths of Interactive Spares as it offers client companies the possibility to own their own data and make connections and queries through other applications too. Another undisputable advantage of Interactive SPares is that it does not force administrators to install own programmes in order to create catalogues. Interactive SPares was the first software in the sector to adopt technologies for the creation and visualisation of interactive tables without the use of clients. The ability of the Interactive SPares development team to tailor the software to the exigencies of the client made it possible - in a short space of time - to present Technogym with a system capable of managing code variations, managing videos and notes on each article, managing languages and handling a shopping cart with multi-list and multi-currency management and table and itemized list uploading workflows from Pro/e.

With Interactive SPares, Technogym has reduced both production and spare parts catalogue distribution costs. System administrators can operate from any computer with a browser and connected to the web, anywhere in the world. On a user level too, immediate consultation of the catalogues and the possibility to print in high definition, guarantees immediate sharing of any updates with the entire global network. The functionality, flexibility and usability of iSP cuts time, errors and costs associated with the sale of spare parts.

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