Farid European Group has chosen the iSP software platform to create the technical portal dedicated to the sale of spare parts and the management of warranty claims.

Farid European Group (FEG) is today one of the most important manufacturers of waste and recycling collection vehicles. It fully owns Farid Industrie SpA in Italy and Farid Hillend Engineering Ltd in Scotland. It comprises of three production sites, with a workforce of over 550 employees. Farid Industrie SpA is a premium manufacturing company in Italy, with a market share over 50% for waste and recycling collection vehicles, while in other European markets Farid Industrie and Farid Hillend Engineering together help position FEG in the top three pan European manufacturers of waste and recycling collection vehicles.

Farid required a series of customisations to speed up the workflow of spare parts catalogues loading. In particular, we have allowed FARID to massively and fully automatically import an entire spare parts catalogue starting from a BOM file exported from their PDM.

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