New environment for creating spare parts catalogues

Nuovo ambiente creazione cataloghi ricambi -
Discover the simplicity of the new environment for creating spare parts catalogues. You can create catalogues, groups and spare parts tables from a single point, without having to change page. The navigation tree updates in real time and the administrator can control the entire spare parts catalogue structure.

The new Drag&Drop function lets you place tables and groups in the order you wish by dragging the element from one point of the navigation tree to another. If the catalogue is published, changes are automatically reflected on client-side visualisation. With Interactive SPares you can update your clients and customer assistance network in real time!!!

In the catalogue creation environment you’ll also find a new graphic editor with innovative functions that make the process of creating interactive spare parts tables extremely fast.

With Interactive SPares there’s no limit to the creation of spare parts catalogues. You can create as many as you like, without additional costs.

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