Serial number management

serial number management software -
A new and powerful extension designed to manage the serial numbers of your machines and link them to the electronic spare parts catalogues.

Your machines are frequently upgraded, and so are your spare parts catalogues. Our new extension cuts the costs for creating catalogues and ensures no errors are made when ordering a spare part.

With this new extension of Interactive SPares, the system administrator can massively upload a list of serial numbers and link them directly to the spare parts catalogue or group.

The customer can search a machine by serial number in the after-sales portal and will find the right electronic spare parts catalogue.
The main benefit for mass producing companies is that they can put together thousands of machines in just a few catalogues, speeding up the work of technical writers.

On the other hand, the customers of businesses producing bespoke machines that are all different from one another can display the catalogues of their machines only. In this case the administrator must simply link the serial numbers to the portal customers.

Some companies have also integrated a QR code next to the serial number plate. Maintenance technicians can go directly to the electronic spare parts catalogue of the machine and the related technical documents.

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