New graphic editor – speed and flexibility

Create Interactive Spare Parts catalogues -
With this new release, Interactive SPares has introduced a powerful graphic editor to create interactive spare parts tables even more quickly. Upload your drawings with a simple click and you’ll be amazed how the drawing reference numbers (callouts) are already sensitive. All this is thanks to the AutoTag™ algorithm that automatically generates the hotspots necessary to make the spares tables interactive. With Interactive SPares you don’t need any client software to create interactive spare parts catalogues; all you need is… a browser!!!

You can decide to upload all codes that are part of a table in bulk; all you have to do is simply create a file divided into columns containing all the information that has to be associated with the drawing hotspots (position, code, quantity and description in different languages).

Now you can modify or add codes from the graphic editor. Just click on the drawing reference to open the properties window where you can edit everything, from the code to the description and even all the translations in various languages!

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