iSP Distiller™ – converts and optimises your drawings

iSP Distiller - convert your your PDF into Interactive drawings
iSP Distiller™ is the ideal application for converting and optimising your technical drawings for interactive catalogues. With iSP Distiller™ you can automatically convert thousands of spare parts tables in a single go.

Do you have a very large file of spare parts catalogues in PDF format? Do you already have a spare parts portal and want to change to Interactive SPares? No problem! Just indicate to the software a directory containing the original tables and a destination directory where to store the converted files.

During the conversion process, the software will optimise and compress the files, in order to shrink the size as much as possible. This ensures a great navigation experience even on mobile devices or in presence of particularly slow network connections.

With a simple upload the spare parts administrator can publish the interactive spare parts drawing without any need to use any other software or editor to hot-spot the part list references.

iSP Distiller™ is an add-on compatible with all versions of Interactive SPares. Download it now, it's free!

System Requirements

Description Requirement
Operating system Win7 64 bit or later
Disk Space48 MB
Framework .NETv4.5 or later

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