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Are you tired of paying a software license to every spare parts catalogue editor? Are your administrators monitoring spare parts management and orders from a number of different devices and places? Find out how Interactive SPares has radically changed the way in which you can create and publish spare parts catalogues, by cutting costs for businesses. Many software houses producing software for the creation of spare parts catalogues force their customers to buy licenses and pay maintenance fees for every computer, in order to get money over time by yearly renewing the licenses. Some of them have even set a maximum number of catalogues that can be published and a max number of users who can browse the catalogue.

Find out how you can cut the costs of software licenses to create electronic spare parts catalogues and publish them online

Cloud server for spare parts catalog - InteractiveSpares.comInteractive SPares reduces all these costs and eliminates any barriers preventing manufacturers from quickly modifying their internal processes for the creation of spare parts catalogues. This is made possible by the fully CLOUD-based advanced technology of Interactive SPares. Producing an interactive spare parts catalogue with no graphical applications to be installed on your computer was inconceivable up until recently. Today you can do it by simply using your preferred browser. With Interactive SPares you can publish a catalogue online with a mouse click. Done with long and boring exports of catalogues and uploading them onto web servers.

Our servers are powerful and reliable: they ensure a user’s experience equal or even better than by using desktop applications. Interactivity of hot spots on drawing references is automatic, as well as importing bills of materials or translations. Watch the video to find out how easy it is to create catalogues using Interactive SPares.
With Interactive SPares you pay an annual fee if you choose the CLOUD solution, whereas if you are interested in the ENTERPRISE version you will only pay the cost of one license per server. No limits to the number of end users and catalogues you can publish.

Interactive SPares is much more than a software system: it is a comprehensive solution that will make your after-sales service more efficient.

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