Parts Finder – Advanced search for spare parts

Parts Finder -
Parts Finder is the new Interactive SPares algorithm for finding spare parts. The new search engine has been perfected over the years, based on consolidated experience gained in the most varied industrial sectors.

Now, in just a minute, you can browse the spare part you need and put it in your basket. You can search for spare parts using a partial part number or if you prefer, using the description. A simple click brings up the list of spare parts tables that contain the spare part you want.

At that point, you can decide whether to view the characteristics of that part - such as price, description, technical specifications, notes and quantities - or if you prefer, go directly to the drawing. Interactive SPares highlights the spare part you’re looking for; this way, you can speed up the search for and purchase of spare parts for your customers and eliminate any possible error.

Interactive SPares improves the experience of consulting spare parts catalogues and increases customer loyalty and profits relating to the sale of spare parts.

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