A new print engine for your spare parts catalogues

Automatic Parts Catalogues Printing ok - InteractiveSPares.com

Automatic Parts Catalogues Printing ok - InteractiveSPares.com

A new, innovative print engine makes its debut with the last release of Interactive SPares. Now you can paginate and print your spare parts catalogues automatically.
With just one mouse click you can generate a spare parts catalogue complete with front page, interactive table of contents and layout with your logo in PDF format. Forget those irksome processes to paginate spare parts drawings using a DTP software! Import drawings and BOMs from your CAD and create your interactive catalogues: your customers will always print and download the most up-to-date spare parts catalogues.

The automatic pagination component integrated in the print engine assembles the contents uploaded in the electronic catalogues by the administrator like cover image, catalogue name, drawings and all spare parts numbers with description in the language chosen by the user.
The print process generates the pages and an interactive table of contents in a fully automated manner. From the resulting PDF, you can search for the drawing you wish using the table of contents and navigate interactively through the catalogue.

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