Change log

TWEAK: API - Now you can update customer data, addresses and spare parts prices

TWEAK: Tickets add-on. In emails sent from the module the ticket topic now appears. The button to edit the topics is now located on the list page of all tickets.

New: API - You can now update stock availability, descriptions and translations of spare parts.

NEW: We have added buttons for exporting and importing the dictionary. Now administrators can provide a CSV file to translators and upload translated terms in bulk.

NEW: Change language. Portal users can now change the interface language independently of the default language assigned to them.

NEW: We’re happy to announce the availability of iSP API a REST API that lets any company build integrations with other software platforms.

NEW: Inserted a captcha in the user registration form to avoid SPAM from automated bots.

NEW: It is now possible to search by description in the spare parts store on the admin side.

NEW year, new plugin! Ticket System is the new module that will help you track your customers' requests. Available now in Premium and Gold plans.

NEW: As of today iSP is also available in Polish language 🇵🇱 #interactivespares adds one more language to the six already available languages such as English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Danish.

FIXED: grid misalignment in the preview pages of spare parts catalogues.

NEW: Multi-currency. Now you can associate a different currency to each user

NEW: Widget plugin. Now you can integrate widgets from third party platforms such as ZenDesk or TawkTo chat systems into your portal.

FIXED: Print PDF catalogs on iOS devices

FIXED: Total order alignment in the summary email

NEW: Order minimum amount. Allows you to set a minimum amount on the cart below which the order cannot be sent.

NEW: Info field. Allows you to aggregate information to spare parts in relation to the drawing in which they are located.

FIXED: too long specifications came out of the print layout.

NEW: We added a link in the top menu of the admin panel to reach the Quick Guide

NEW: Management of the minimum purchase amount

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